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We make it our business to help yours.

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Are you a sole proprietor that would like to form a limited liability company (LLC) for business transaction or personal asset protection purposes? Is your group a volunteer or charitable organization seeking the benefits of obtaining Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approval as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? Going into business with others and want to help protect everyone by having the authority, duties, and responsibilities of the partners or members documented in a legal partnership agreement or operating agreement? We understand the needs and concerns of small business owners, and we're here to help. 


Are you already in business but need to ensure your service agreements and business contracts are in good legal form? Are you a landlord or local property management company and want to ensure your leases, rental agreements, and other documents provide the legal protection and flexibility you need? Our contract attorney is experienced with property investment and management issues. We understand that you are busy running your business. To make things easier, you can work with our contract attorney in Griffin or we'll meet with you at your home or office.


What would happen to your business if you died today? Some people think about what will happen to their homes, cars, and retirement accounts after their deaths, but many small business owners do not have a plan in place for their business interests. Are you a partner or member of a property management company, retail store, restaurant, beauty salon, plumbing company, internet startup, or any other business? If so, then you may have valuable property interests in the business that would be subject to the probate process (just like your house, car, and savings accounts). But, does your spouse or your child know anything about your heating and air business? Is your wife an electrician? Does your husband know anything about your restaurant or real estate business? Would your business partners want to be in business or subject to the control of your spouse or children? Would you want to be in business or subject to the control of their spouse or children? Many survivors are left with the burden of being a partner or member of a business they know or care little about. Many business partners are forced into business with their deceased partners' spouses or children, but they don't have to be. Give your business the same care and attention you give to your home, car, truck, vacation property, and investment accounts. We can help.


Your property and time are valuable, and your paying customers and tenants need your attention. Your business can't afford to tolerate customers that take advantage of you or tenants that destroy your property. Let us handle the legal processes of negotiation, mediation, eviction, and collection while you focus on your business.

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