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Photo of police strobe lights at a DUI traffic stop.


Mistakes happen.
We'll be by your side to help you through them.

Driver suspected of DUI takes field sobriety test administered by a Trooper of the Georgia State Patrol.


Have you been arrested for Driving Under the Influence? Were you charged with DUI Less Safe or DUI Per Se? Did you perform field sobriety tests (FSTs)? Did you submit to the state administered test of your blood or breath? The questions matter, and the answers could be critical to your legal defense. 

Court-assessed penalties for a DUI conviction can be severe and result in the suspension or loss of your driver's license. Out-of-court penalties may include termination or loss of employment and the inability to qualify for certain jobs or professions. Many employers will not hire a person who has been convicted of DUI. Insurance rates could increase or coverage could be cancelled.

Whatever your situation may be, you will want a thorough and knowledgeable attorney by your side in court. Our DUI defense attorney has experience as a police officer, probation officer, and DUI court prosecutor in some of the biggest and busiest counties in the metro-Atlanta area where he successfully handled numerous motions, plea negotiations, and jury trials. He has worked directly for the courts and understands the perspectives and tactics of the various parties involved in a DUI case.


We are here to help. Call now to schedule an in-office consultation with our Griffin DUI defense attorney. 

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