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Photo of a family planning for their next home.


You've worked hard for your home, assets, and family. We'll work hard to protect them.

Checking Text on a Document

Whether you are an individual with a few assets, a newlywed couple, or well-established and nearing retirement, you should have a will to help ensure your property goes where you want and that your final wishes are respected. Without a will, your belongings could be subject to the Georgia probate process and may not end up where you would like. Preparing a will doesn't have to be terribly complex, and having a will is one of the simplest things you can do to provide for your loved ones and reduce the burdens placed upon them as they make arrangements for you and your estate property. To make the process of preparing a will even easier, you can visit our estate planning attorney in Griffin or we can meet you at your home or place of business.


There are numerous types of trusts. Each has its own purpose and may be treated differently for legal and tax purposes. Understandably, trusts are often misunderstood, but you can rest assured knowing our experienced estate planning attorney will discuss your goals with you and research any trusts that might help you reach them. Trusts may be formed inter-vivos (during your life) or as part of your will (testamentary trusts). Trusts can help ensure loved ones with special needs are provided for. They can also help protect assets from creditors. Whatever your situation and trust needs, we can help. 


An advanced directive for healthcare (sometimes referred to as a living will, a do not resuscitate order (DNR), or other names) will help ensure your wishes concerning your medical care are followed in the event you are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate them to your healthcare providers. You may wish to be placed on life support or refuse it. You may wish to donate all of your organs or only certain ones. Your medical decisions should be yours to make even when you can't speak for yourself. Whatever your wishes, we'll help ensure they are honored. 


There are many different powers of attorney that you may want to provide to someone you trust. A power of attorney may be general or limited in both scope and duration. You may wish to provide someone with a healthcare power of attorney to make medical decisions for you if you were unconscious or incapacitated. You may wish to provide someone with a financial power of attorney to make financial decisions and carry out financial transactions for you. You may wish for a person to be able to make both medical and financial decisions for you, but only for a limited period of time. Whatever the case, we'll help you prepare the legal documents needed to achieve your goals.

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