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How many points will you receive for that traffic ticket?

A Georgia State Patrol Trooper conducts standardized field sobriety tests (FSTs) on a suspected drunk driver on a public road at night.

Receive an early Christmas present from a traffic officer this year? If you received a citation, then you're probably wondering how much the fine will be. Fine amounts are a valid concern, but you should also consider the number of points that will be assessed to your Georgia driver's license due to the traffic ticket.

The Georgia driver's license point system, administered by the Department of Driver Services (DDS), ranges from 2 to 6 points for most offenses. Points are not assessed for convictions for speeding less than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit or for convictions for driving too fast for conditions. The points assessed for each conviction are shown in the following list:




Aggressive Driving

6 Points


Reckless Driving

4 Points


Unlawful Passing School Bus

6 Points


Improper Passing on Hill or Curve

4 Points



15 to 18 mph over speed limit

2 Points

19 to 23 mph over speed limit

3 Points

24 to 33 mph over speed limit

4 Points

34 mph or more over speed limit

6 Points


Failure to Obey Traffic-Control Device (e.g. stop sign or traffic light)

3 Points


Failure to Obey Police Officer

3 Points


Possessing an Open Container of an Alcoholic Beverage while Driving

2 Points


Failure to Adequately Secure Load (except fresh farm produce), resulting in an Accident

2 Points


Violation of Child Safety Restraint (e.g. car seat)

1st Offense

1 Point

2nd or Subsequent Offense

2 Points


Violation of usage of wireless telecommunication device requirements

1 Point


Operating a Vehicle while Text Messaging

1 Point


Improper Use of Designated Travel Lane -  4th and Subsequent Offense

1 Point

All Other Moving Violations

3 Points

A driver who receives 15 points in a 24 month period may have their driver's license suspended.

Our traffic ticket attorney in Griffin GA can defend you against alleged traffic violations and possibly help reduce or eliminate the points that will be assessed against your driver's license. Call or visit our website now to schedule your free consultation at our office in Spalding County GA.

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