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Holograms are for Hollywood, not estate planning.

What do holograms have to do with estate planning? Not much, if anything, and for good reason. A holographic will is an unwitnessed document that is hand-written, signed, and dated by the decedent. Many people believe that recording their final wishes in such a document will ensure that they are obeyed. Unfortunately, holographic wills are extremely vulnerable to challenges in probate court and less than half of the states recognize them.

Georgia is among the large number of states that do not recognize holographic wills. If you're in Georgia and want your final wishes obeyed, then put them in a written document that is signed and witnessed pursuant to Georgia law. Better yet, consult an estate planning attorney who can help you make sure things are done properly. Having an attorney help with your will doesn't have to be as expensive as you may think, and the peace of mind you receive will be priceless.

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